Saturday 22 November 2014

New York City by Tom Shropshire

City Yacht Club

The glittering lights of the city form a backdrop to the pleasure craft floating in regal style in the harbor. The yachts of various sizes are dwarfed by the colossal buildings and the night reflections add a festive mood to the painting.

Moon Over Third Street

?I painted this as a companion piece to "Street Life". I had so much fun painting the seedy section of town teeming with life and vitality, that I was compelled to paint it again. I added the guys with the basketball for my grandson Joey because he's a dedicated basketball player and he really liked the last painting.

Nor'easter New York City

"Suckerpunch Nor’easter adds to the misery of Super Storm Sandy victims." – Baltimore Sun Blog
“God hates us!” the New York Post said in a front-page headline.
These are the headlines regarding the Northeaster of November 2012. I wanted to capture the atmosphere of the unexpected snow blanketing the city of New York and see the beauty even in an ugly weather event.

Street Life

This painting of a city street is completely imaginary but representative of any older run-down neighborhood in any major city such as New York, Detroit, Chicago, or Milwaukee?. People are outside on the street to escape the heat of a summer night. Graffiti painted walls are the backdrop for a police stop gathering onlookers.The old brownstones lean together remembering a grander and more genteel time and place as hip hop music blares and sirens wail in the distance.

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